When you think about your wedding ceremony, what's the part that touches you most deeply; the part you dream about and picture as the moment of absolute happiness and connection for you and your beloved?   Is it that moment when you place  your wedding rings on each other's fingers joining your lives with this outward symbol of your innermost love?  Or perhaps it's the moment when you first see each other, your handsome nervous groom smiling with a tear in his eye as you walk down the aisle as his beautiful bride?   Or maybe it's that first delicious moment when you embrace and share your first kiss as husband and wife as your family and friends cheer and applaud the brand new Mr. and Mrs.?

All those moments, to be sure, are rich with beauty, symbolism and love and will, no doubt,  be cherished through all the years of your married life.

For me, as a Wedding Celebrant and Marriage and Family Therapist, the most memorable and meaningful part of a wedding ceremony is when you exchange your vows of love and commitment with one another.  The words that you share are the promises you make to your beloved to love them and to partner with them to fulfill both your individual and shared hopes and dreams for a joyous union and a bright future.

Vows can be as simple as saying "I do" after your Officiant asks you if you want to marry your partner , or they can be the heartfelt expression of your commitment and love for your partner shared with them as solemn vows made for today and every day you are together.

You can have your Officiant show you a selection of Vows (I have many vows to choose from)  or you may want to write your own.  If you decide to write your own, be sure that they are about the same length as your partner's and set the same tone i.e. heartfelt, funny, romantic or ...?  If not, when they are shared at the service, they may be too different in length and tone to flow together well.

However you share your vows; just remember if you honor the vows you make to your beloved on your wedding day, you will surely have a joyous and wonderful life together as husband and wife.