Finally!  The moment has arrived.  Your Wedding Celebrant smiles at you as you gaze at your new wife or husband of 30 seconds, and says ":  You may kiss the bride."  Somewhere in the background you hear celebratory yelps, whistles and  applause, and, happy and relieved, you lean in to share your first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. While there is something to be said for spontaneity at this delicious moment, there is also something to be said for planning this first kiss with some forethought.

So, here are a couple of  things to think about for your first PDA as a married couple.

I.  Your photographer is going to want to get several shots of your first kiss so be sure to kiss long enough or even several timesto be sure that your  photographer can offer you several pictures to choose from.

2.  What kind of kiss shall you exchange?  Quick and polite?   Disappointing to your friends and the photographer.    Deep throat and handsy? -  Embarrassing to the bride's family, and makes folks feel like voyeurs watching your preamble to the honeymoon night.  Just right:  Put your arms around each other, kiss, look at each other, smile, kiss again.  Hold each other close.    Tender lingering kiss on the lips.  Perfect..

Congratulations to you both.  You did it!! 

Rev. Terri