Photo by Purestock/Purestock / Getty Images

Photo by Purestock/Purestock / Getty Images

Did you know that when you get nervous, your fingers swell?  In the heightened excitement and  anticipation of that magical moment when your beloved  places your wedding  band on your finger,  you might  find that the ring which has slipped  on so effortlessly  in rehearsal, now won't go past  your first knuckle!    Now what?

First, what not to do!  Don't attempt to cram the ring onto your mate's finger.  It will make for nervous laughter among your guests,  not to mention  it will not be a physically pleasant moment for your mate.

Instead, slide the wedding band just as far as it will comfortably go.  It won't fall off, no one will notice,  and in a moment, your spouse's  fingers will return to their normal size and the ring will  easily slip all the way on.

You can also choose to place a small amount of hand lotion on your ring finger so that your ring will effortlessly slide  all the way on the first try!

Whichever you do, as you  exchange your wedding rings, treasure this amazing  moment when your beloved gifts  you with your wedding ring;  the symbol of their eternal love for you.